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CFO Service Packages for Every Business Need

Our CFO Packages are designed to meet all your business needs right when you want them.

Virtual CFO

With our Virtual CFO Package, you’ll get access to top-tier finance expertise for kickstarting your company.

Through your early years, our Virtual CFOs will provide you with insights into the numbers by establishing Financial Infrastructure, MIS Reporting, Compliance, Budgeting and Cash Flow Management.

Hiring a Virtual CFO can be the way to go when you need financial leadership and expertise.


Interim CFO

Looking for a CFO to handle your business finance or expansion of projects due to a change in senior management, or if your business requires additional resources to ensure a smooth integration?

Let our excellent jack-of-all-trades Interim CFOs come up with the growth strategies to smoothen your finance functions for the time being.

An interim CFO can bring in fresh ideas from outside your company, providing much-needed guidance during your project transition, expansion, or restructuring.

Outsourced CFO

In addition to helping already successful businesses scale, our CFOs help unlock your business’s true value.

In-depth financial reporting to boards and shareholders, detailed cash flow forecasting, detailed risk management, advanced KPI reporting, and best-in-class strategic financial planning translate into industry-leading growth and profitability.

Our Outsourced CFO will significantly impact your business’s growth.

Part-time CFO

At the stage of funding and business expansion, the Part-time CFO will help companies to optimize their product and services. A Part-time CFO will get you to the next level and grow your business faster.

Our part-time CFO solution is available for business owners who need help getting the funding process done right without spending time finding the right resources and information.

Our part-time CFO will ensure you have saved your time by proactively managing your company’s banking relationships and developing a plan for accessing equity and debt funding.

Taking your business to the next level with the right financial services

Budgeting System Design and Implantation

As a team, we are experienced in developing budgeting systems, from diagnosing an existing system, to developing concepts, to implementing automated methods for data collection, processing, and support of budgeting.

Management Accounting and Reporting

With experience developing and upgrading management accounting systems and procedures across a number of industries, our CFOs know how to do it right.

Profitability Optimization and Cost Management

Let our experienced CFOs maximize your profits and control, reduce and eliminate costs with a dynamic structure.

Working Capital Optimization

You can trust our CFO to ensure sufficient cash flow to meet your short-term operating expenses and short-term debt.

Finance Functions

It is our expertise to monitor your company’s cash flow and financial planning, to analyze its strengths, and weaknesses and to provide strategic direction.

Audit & Assurance

We provide Independent quality statutory audits. Our assurance professionals use industry expertise and comprise of financial accounting advisory and scrutinizing the data.

Transaction Advisory

As CFOs, we assist with evaluating and navigating corporate transactions and assist with M&A, valuations, and business modeling.

Strategic Planning

Engaging as a strategic partner, we advise you on how to structure your budget around key elements of your strategy.

Business Plans

As you dream up a business idea, we help you execute it by developing a strong business plan and strategizing smartly by investing sufficient time into it.

Internal Controls and Risk Mitigation

Risk is an inevitable component of doing business. Identifying and reducing risk creates value. With a solid control environment, risk registers, and other tools, you may manage your company’s risk factors downward.

Analysis of Financial Gaps

To begin, a Financial Gap Analysis is a thorough dive into a company’s finances done by a CFO. It provides you with in-depth knowledge of the risks and possibilities inside your present finance function, as well as a plan for approaching them in order to optimise business value.

Budgeting and Management of Cash Flows

Any company’s cash flow is its lifeblood. As entrepreneur, you must have a thorough grasp of financial flow. We use cutting-edge techniques and methodologies to assist you in planning and forecasting business cash flow.

Financial projections and forecasts

Strong financial models demonstrate a clear strategy for future growth as well as a comprehensive grasp of your company. Get the confidence you need to impress your next investor.

Analysis of the Business and Cost Structure

Increase income by concentrating on low-friction revenue streams. Reduce costs by carefully trimming expenditures. To obtain outsized profit returns, identify and double down on your company’s most profitable sectors.

Automation and Financial Technology

Recent technological advancements enable small and mid-sized businesses to manage their finances with the same level of sophistication traditionally reserved for huge corporations. Implement cutting-edge financial technologies in your company.

What Decides Your Package

You are unique and so is your business and its growth journey. Get the customized CFO Services based on your requirements and see what fits your business best.

Frequently Asked Questions

The corporate title for overseeing the business’s financial operations and strategy is CFO (Chief Financial Officer). The CFO provides significant input from the company’s investments, financial structure, money management, and long-term business strategy
To perform CFO duties, the company often chooses a traditional CFO. A virtual CFO, on the other hand, functions as an outside advisor to numerous corporations and organizations. Using a virtual CFO is significantly more advantageous than a typical CFO.

Anyone that wants to scale up their growth and construct a business that generates money for its owners and is financially stable will require a CFO.

While you get back to doing what you do best, operating your business, we’ll handle the time-consuming and stressful task of managing your books.

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Benifits of hiring a Virtual CFO from FinAccountants

  1. Experts in Financial Information
  2. Make informed descisions
  3. Saves Time and Resources
  4. Improvements in Internal Control
  5. Increase Productivity
  6. Forecast cash flow
  7. Avoid Financial Error and Fraud

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Finguru provided excellent service. We would like to thank Sandhya.

Serge Mordenfeld Openlm, Israel

A very dedicated team and helps to get move things around in India, when it comes to finance, company registration,legals  Etc. Thanks for your support!!!

Shiv Om Saini Navya Fab, Germany

We were facing a lot of financial management issues because of improper organization of the data. The team at FinAccountants helped us in not only organizing the financial data but also the review and analysis of the books with their outstanding presentation skills.


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