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CLOUD ACCOUNTING – Why and future for bookkeepers, Accountants, and Auditors

Cloud Accounting is a relatively new concept but a very much accepted product in the business world, especially by the accounting aficionado. In the world, information about any subject is a click away; why should it take more time to obtain information on your own company’s book of accounts?

The thought of having access to the book of accounts till the very last minute is fascinating, hence entering the world of cloud accounting. A storage space created in a cloud-based server can be accessed from anywhere by anyone with the correct credentials.

Why is Cloud Accounting a revolutionizing concept?

Imagine a world where you are running a business, but you need to be made aware of whether the efforts made to run the business efficiently provide a financial edge.

This world was for most business owners before any cloud accounting and software were available in the user-friendly market.

1. It helps business owners to access information.

The software’s developed and synced in a manner that generates and suggests the allocation of the incomes and expenses to the ledgers as per the nature of the transaction, providing an easy and fast view of accounts and a quick analysis of the business. This information helps the business owner to analyze the expense and their spending.

2. Hire accountants from different regions of the world

In a world where the work is managed from the most remote place on the earth, how easy it is for the best of the resources available around the world can be brought in at a budget the company can bear and manage the books of accounts, but that is possible with most minor communication considering the different time zone because of cloud accounting software.

3. Collaborate with the off-shore team

The team sitting at a distance is the most difficult to manage considering the confidentiality of the information, being transacted through different mediums to exchange views about accounting concepts, and treating the expense or income differently. Still, with cloud accounting software, the team can easily monitor the data on a real-time basis, discuss and monitor and track if any member modifies any information.

4. Track the modifications

Any business not only maintains the books to keep track of themselves but also for the regulatory requirement such as auditing and tax liability. Also, the government makes further business analyses to track the company’s economic growth.

Usually, these books must be reviewed by the auditor to authenticate the information submitted to the government. With cloud computing software, an auditor can quickly check, verify and track if any significant modifications are made and make a note of the same to question the management in case the auditor notices a substantial disruption of books.

5. Data Analysis

In a business, there are important KPIs every business keeps track of to understand the growth. The KPIs must be linked with various data points to analyze the data and pivot it into bite-size information for the management. Usually, a data analyst is recommended to absorb massive data and represent it understandably and helpfully. Still, for small to medium enterprises, cloud-based software, if utilized and stored data correctly, can help the accountant do the basic research and convert the data into useful information for management.

To conclude, cloud computing has changed the scenario of how accounting is done and utilized, and improved is very much easy to say because of the availability of interment connectivity.

The bigger question is, can cloud computing replace the role of bookkeeper, Accountant, and Auditor? A simple answer might be. Yes, but that future is a little distant. Until then, the role of bookkeeper and accountant is crucial for any company to consider as the first help to be hired or outsourced to have a better grip on the success of business backed by solid financials.

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