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We help International companies with On-Demand Back Office in India and provide Finance, Accounting and HR Solutions through a unique combination of an on-demand CFO, CPO (Chief People Officer) and streamlined technologies, we free you from back-office management and empower you to focus on what matters most.

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Legal Set-Up & Regulatory Liasoning Services

We can assist you with hassle-free setup and business registration in India. We have assisted more than 150 companies worldwide with their subsidiary company registration process in India. We also assist you with the bank account opening and all other registrations mandatory for your type of business.


Management Consulting Services

We provide Business Planning services to Gain Market Share, Increase Sales, Profits, Manage Talent, set Auto-Pilot, Customised Expert Solutions. Our management consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics, and sustainability across all industries and geographies.


Virtual Finance and Accounts Officer services

We have got professionals managing your entire finance department. CFO engages closely with the client as their strategic business partner and reviews the steps taken towards the company's financial freedom. With a full-fledged system that organizes your data and systems that provide accurate results, we ensure that the client knows their best move in the industry for better performance.


Human Resource Management

Our HR consulting team works with you to compile policies, introductions, expectations, onboarding guidance, contact information, payroll management and tax planning of employees and more into a go-to guide for your business.

Transaction Advisory

You plan your business expansion, and we will take care of the Capital raise, Merger, acquisition, global expansion, tax optimization, succession planning, etc. Need a composite and holistic approach to generate long-term value for your business. Our expert team of professionals will always be there to support transactions and take full ownership of the process so that you can focus on your strengths.


Taxation and Auditing Services

We help you track your expenses, manage your Accounts, File your Taxes, Get Monthly financial reports by our professional network of Internal auditing teams and understand the relevance of tax planning and filing with us. We assist in tax return filing of individuals, Partnerships and corporates.

What are the ways to Enter the Indian Market?

Wholly Owned Subsidiary Company

Foreign nationals can set up their business in India by forming a Wholly Owned Subsidiary Company as per the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 in the 100% FDI permitted sectors. This type of business structure has maximum flexibility and has many advantages in comparison with other types of business structures.

Joint Venture

It is a type of business structure where a foreign entity enters into a joint venture agreement with two or more business entities for expansion, to share the technology, and to manage the risk jointly among the JV partners. For JVs in India, there are no separate laws. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

Liaison Office

A liaison office (LO) acts as a bridge between the head office and parties in India. It is mainly concerned with representing the parent company in India. It promotes technical/financial collaboration between the parent company and the Indian company. However, LO cannot undertake business activities in India. Initially, LO gets permission from RBI for three years which may be extended. Also, there is a net worth requirement of a minimum of USD 50,000 or its equivalent.

Branch Office

A Branch office (BO) can be set up in India by the foreign companies engaged in rendering manufacturing or trading activities by taking approval of the RBI. However, foreign companies can only invest if they have a track record of profit-making in the preceding five financial years. BO can render professional consultancy services and other services like the development of software, carrying out research work, and promoting technical/financial collaboration.

Project Office

A foreign company needs to set up a project office (PO) in India to execute a project in India. PO can carry out activities of the execution of the project only and it is prohibited to carry out any other business activity. For setting up a PO in India, prior approval from RBI is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Indian market has shown tremendous growth in the past few years due to which foreign entities are investing in India. Multiple factors have made the Indian marketplace a profitable marketplace such as technology advancement, a large customer base, and the availability of highly skilled human resources on a relatively lower wage.

The most suitable business structure is wholly owned subsidiary company registration as it offers multiple benefits such as favorable tax rates, limited liability, separate legal entity, borrowing capacity. With this type of structure, an entrepreneur can easily raise funds through venture capitalists.

Yes, it is mandatory to provide an office address to incorporate a company in India however; the office can be virtual, commercial, or residential. For company incorporation, rent agreement and utility bill of such office address is required to be submitted with the registrar of companies. We can provide you virtual address in India.

After incorporation, the company is valid for a lifetime as it has continuous existence. However, if the company does not follow the annual compliances it will become a dormant company which can be struck off from the register by the registrar of companies.

There is no minimum capital requirement to set up a company in India.

There must be at least 2 directors and 2 shareholders in a company all time if the company is registered as private company. At least 1 director must be a resident of India.

As there is a requirement of minimum 2 shareholders, a foreign national can hold 99.99% shares in a company.

Company need to comply with the provisions of ESIC (Employee State Insurance Scheme) & PF (Provident Fund) as well as payment of professional tax is mandatory in few states.

A wholly-owned subsidiary company can be incorporated in India within 20-25 days subject to government approval time.

No, foreign national doesn’t need to be physically present in India as the registration process is completely online. While, foreign national need to courier required documents to India.

Yes, it can repatriate after paying applicable taxes to the Indian government.

Process of company registration is completely online.

Yes, it is important to have one director who must be an Indian resident.

There is no minimum capital requirement to set up a company in India.

  • Issuance of share certificates
  • Appointment of auditor
  • Assistance on Conducting Statutory Business Meetings
  • Cloud Accounting
  • ITR Filing
  • GST Return Filing
  • TDS Return Filing
  • Filing of Form FC-GPR
  • Financial Statement Filing
  • Annual Return Filing

FinAccountant will assist you in complying with all the applicable laws in India.

  • Bank account opening
  • GST Registration
  • Apply for other necessary business permits
  • Drafting of Company Policies
  • Trademark registration
  • Business Plan

FinAccountant will assist you in completing all the above mentioned formalities.

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