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Impeka - Premium WordPress theme by Greatives
Impeka - Premium WordPress theme by Greatives
Impeka - Premium WordPress theme by Greatives
Impeka - Premium WordPress theme by Greatives
Impeka - Premium WordPress theme by Greatives
Impeka - Premium WordPress theme by Greatives
Impeka - Premium WordPress theme by Greatives
Impeka - Premium WordPress theme by Greatives

India is growing

India's growing economy,  coupled with a young  population, make it an increasingly attractive market for setting up a business


GDP,Growing fastest

Expected to become the world’s third-largest by 2030


Young Population

With an average age of 28.

Curious why businesses like
yours choosing india?

Young population with
average age of 28

2nd largest
internet user base

Rapid GDP
growth of 7.2%

tech scene

Inflow of billions of dollars of foreign investment

Growing business opportunities and Government support

Curious why businesses like
yours choosing india?

Pick a business structure works best for you

Private Limited CompanyOne Person CompanyLimited Liability PartnershipPartnership FirmProprietorship Firm
Applicable Law Companies Act, 2013Companies Act, 2013Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008Indian Partnership Act, 1932No specified Act
Registration Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Optional No
Number of Owners 2 – 200 Only 1 2 – Unlimited 2 – 50 Only 1
Separate Legal Entity Yes Yes Yes No No
Liability Protection Limited Limited Limited Unlimited Unlimited
Statutory Audit Mandatory Mandatory As Applicable Not Mandatory Not Mandatory
Ownership Transfer Yes Yes Yes No No
Perpetual Existence Yes Yes Yes No No
Foreign Ownership Allowed Not Allowed Allowed Allowed Not Allowed
Taxation Liability Moderate Moderate High High Low
Compliance Requirement High High ModerateLow Low

How to start your business in India?

Get your business registered in India with us.


Choosing a name for your subsidiary


Obtaining Director Identification Number (DIN) and Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)


Filing the incorporation form with the Registrar of Companies (ROC)


Obtaining PAN and TAN


Obtaining a certificate of incorporation


Opening a bank account

Pick a business structure works best for you

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Impeka - Premium WordPress theme by Greatives

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Why us ?

We are one-stop solution for entrepreneurs looking to tap into the country's growing economy

Consistently Awesome

Assistance with legal and regulatory compliance






Companies setup

Expert guidance

and support throughout the process

Client testimonials

FinGuru provided excellent service. We would like to thank Sandhya.

Serge Mordenfeld Openlm, Israel

A very dedicated team and helps to get move things around in India, when it comes to finance, company registration,legals  Etc. Thanks for your support!!!

Shiv Om Saini Navya Fab, Germany

We were facing a lot of financial management issues because of improper organization of the data. The team at FinAccountants helped us in not only organizing the financial data but also the review and analysis of the books with their outstanding presentation skills.


Our Team

Founder & CEO

Sandhya Dhomeja

Co-Founder & Director

Dhwani Talati

Director - Advisory

Varun Sharma

Senior Compliance Officer

Shaili Mehta

Marketing Head

Shreya Lakhotiya

Senior Accountant

Mitali Talreja

Performance Marketer

Kartik Solanki

Legal Associate

Mohit Tiwari

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