Streamline Your FinTech with Our Expertise

India's booming fintech industry is waiting for you to make your mark - we'll help you get started.

How we help in starting a Fintech Startup in India

Selecting the
business structure


Contracts, Agreements,
and Policies





NBFC FinTech


Challenges Faced by FinTech in India

Don't let regulatory hurdles and security threats hold your fintech startup back - let us help you succeed.

  • Regulatory Challenges
  • Operational Challenges

Compliance Requirements for Fintech Startups in India

Ensure that your fintech startup is compliant with all relevant regulations and requirements in India with our expert support.

  • Payment gateways
  • KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • AML (Anti-Money Laundering)
  • Data Protection
  • Taxation

Services We Offer

From strategic planning to regulatory compliance, our services are designed to meet the unique needs of fintech startups in India.

  • Company Structure
  • Take Over Lending Company
  • Legal and Regulatory Advisory
  • Financial structuring
  • Strategy Advisory
  • Compliance Advisory

Taking your business to the next level with the right financial services

Company Structure Services

  • Selection of appropriate business structure
  • Registration of the entity
  • Assistance with statutory compliance

Legal and Regulatory Advisory Services

  • Guidance on regulatory and compliance matters
  • Drafting and reviewing of contracts, policies, and agreements

Financial Structuring Services

  • Preparation of financial models
  • Assistance with fundraising

Strategy Advisory Services

  • Advice on market entry and growth strategies
  • Analysis of business performance and opportunities

Compliance Advisory Services

  • Assistance with regulatory compliance requirements
  • Implementation of processes for effective compliance management

Audit & Assurance

We provide Independent quality statutory audits. Our assurance professionals use industry expertise and comprise of financial accounting advisory and scrutinizing the data.

Streamline Your FinTech with Our Expertise

India’s booming fintech industry is waiting for you to make your mark – we’ll help you get started.

Ditch your financial worries for good, and Lets us handle them for you.