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Financial forecasting and budgeting

We help with financial forecasting and budgeting by analysing past performance and using it to predict future financial trends, as well as creating and managing a budget that keeps your company on track financially.

Cash flow management

We analyse the financial data, project future financial performance, and implement strategies to ensure the company has the sufficient cash flow to meet its obligations and scale the business.

Capital raising strategy

Our services aid you in raising capital by developing financial models and presentations to present to potential investors, negotiating terms and managing due diligence.

Financial modeling and analysis

We assist you with financial modelling and analysis by using data and financial tools to create projections, forecasts, and budgets. Also involves risk assessments, cost analysis, and investment opportunities evaluation.

Investment analysis

Helps your startups with investment analysis by analysing financial data and assessing the financial risk and return of potential investments — to maximise profits and minimise risk.

Business plan development

Helps in business plan development by providing financial analysis, projections, and strategic insights to ensure the plan is financially feasible and sustainable. 

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Finguru provided excellent service. We would like to thank Sandhya.

Serge Mordenfeld Openlm, Israel

A very dedicated team and helps to get move things around in India, when it comes to finance, company registration,legals  Etc. Thanks for your support!!!

Shiv Om Saini Navya Fab, Germany

We were facing a lot of financial management issues because of improper organization of the data. The team at FinAccountants helped us in not only organizing the financial data but also the review and analysis of the books with their outstanding presentation skills.


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Frequently Asked Questions from Startups

A CFO service for startups provides financial and strategic support to early-stage businesses. This service helps startups manage their finances, make informed business decisions, and plan for long-term growth.

CFOs for startups typically offer services such as financial planning, budgeting, financial analysis, cash flow management, risk management, and strategic planning.

Startups need CFO services to help them manage their finances and make informed decisions that will support their growth. Without the support of a CFO, startups may struggle to manage their finances and make informed decisions that ensure that the business stays on track for long-term growth.

A CFO can help startups navigate the financial challenges of starting and growing a business. This includes providing financial advice and guidance, helping with budgeting and forecasting, and improving financial reporting. Having a CFO can also improve a company’s chances of raising capital, as investors will be more confident in a company with a professional managing its finances.

The cost of a CFO service for startups varies depending on the level of support required and the size of the business. The average cost ranges from $5,000 to $30,000 per year.

Yes, CFO services for startups can be outsourced with VCFO as a service model, which can be more cost-effective than hiring a full-time CFO. VCFOs at startups act as the finance department, reviewing accounting, bookkeeping, business planning, deployment of funds, and analysing equity dilution.

A CFO can help with fundraising by providing financial advice, creating financial projections, and improving financial reporting. They can also help negotiate with investors and ensure that the company is in a strong financial position to raise capital.

A CFO helps a startup with cash flow management by creating budgets, forecasting future cash flow, and providing financial advice to help the company maintain a positive cash flow.

The benefits of outsourcing a CFO service for startups include access to experienced professionals, cost savings, and the ability to focus on core business operations.

When choosing a CFO for your startup, it’s important to consider their experience level, expertise in your industry, and reputation. You should also consider the cost of their services and whether they can provide the services you need. It’s a good idea to schedule a consultation with a few different CFOs to determine the best fit for your company. You can contact experts at Finaccounatant as well. 

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